image1Franco Salotti was founded in the 1990s, its original craft dimensions would change soon, and in the first 2000s it was already an industrial character.

The next step was the affirmation of the brand in Italy and all-around the World.

The creative line, the stylistic characteristics and aesthetic principles become the key word and the identity of the Company as the concept of Made in Italy. The right mix of tradition and technology.

The knowledge of the craftsmen defines a product born by the most modern technology. Manual dexterity offers sensitivity and emotion to the industrial precision. Research on materials, attention to detail, the focus of the company to build a truly unique style. Modernity, comfort, reliability and durability, thanks to all of these components Franco Salotti is one of the most important players in the production and sale of sofas for sophisticated customers.

These values have established the company in an increasingly demanding market, collective and global, but anyway the company renounced to the context in which it was born.

Inside the Italian Design System, in which processes in a kaleidoscope of shapes and technical solutions, develops knowledge of materials, new experience, develop projects that will become the same brand identity.

It is so that today Franco Salotti is a point of reference for sophisticated customers. Today, the company product feel themselves at home all around the world, but never we forget our own origins, our own way to think and our own way to live.

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